The secret advantage of Google Penguin

In the world of SEO and Internet marketing there is only one website. The alpha. The omega. The Google.

I know I speak a lot about the myriad of changes that Google has made to make searching easier for the user and more difficult for the business.  The other day, it was announced by Matt Cutts, head of search spam for Google, that the next update to Google Penguin will not be a welcome one for those of us SEO guys and gals.

And with a 66.8 percent share of the search market, there would appear to be reason to shake in our black and white hats.

Amidst all of this diversity, however, I welcome the change. Here is why.

Google organic search

As of last year, Google has blocked off certain searches from the grasp of SEO.  Any user who is logged in with a Google account has their privacy protected.  This is great for the user, but bad for the marketer, as they can no longer see exactly what each individual user is looking to buy or discover.

In using our SEO engines, we have discovered that more than half of our search information (precisely 53%) is being generated by Google users. Over half!

This percentage means that we have no idea, through conventional SEO, what Joe Customer is looking to gain from looking into our company.

And this number of phantom users will probably increase as Google promotes services like YouTube, Google Docs, and Google+.

As hopeless as this situation may sound, it is actually fantastic news.  We still know that people are landing, but it is now up to the curator or marketer to determine what to do with the information provided in a more creative means.  This means gathering and creating content that is more useful and geared towards specific customer relations.

Content can no longer be a shot in the dark of random thoughts and ideas, because there is no place for it as strictly content.

Focus on the little guy: Part 1 (customer)

The new update to Google Penguin has no official release date, but it will bring with it even less concern for standard SEO than ever before. There is discussion that this update could be the complete and total death of SEO!

This is the perfect opportunity to take the next step and focus on the individual transaction.

Imagine a world where the only way you got anywhere was by helping others. Nobody saw the billboards. Throwing money at the local television station did no good.  This is the world we are heading to in the world of the Internet.

What Google search engine updates is make people more honest. As time goes by, it is the honest people who are there to help that ultimately succeed.

Focus on the little guy: Part 2 (small business)

There is this constant frustration, when you are trying to get your website to rank in a keyword search. I do believe that the coming change to Google Penguin will cement the small business as a force in Internet marketing.

Think about it like this. Without the ability to simply spam links and popular keywords, companies will have to be more creative as search engines become more organic. This ensures that the victor will not necessarily be the big business, but the most helpful entity in the space.

While we sit and argue over the monopolization of Google in the Internet world (search, mail, YouTube, G+, Google Docs, etc.), Google continues to push out new updates and content that allow the best contributor to be seen, not the biggest.

A full shift

It has become increasingly difficult to cheat your way to the top of a Google search. The content really needs to be sound to reach the top of the charts.  Now more than ever, the content curator needs to remain focused on what people want to know and what people want to read.

Follow the advice above and you will be well on your way to facing adversity in the coming months.

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