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2012, Year of the Designer

We’ve all got our new years resolutions, and 8 times out of 10 they’re all health driven. “Gotta hit that gym up this year! I’m going to get in shape!” And to be honest, that was my resolution for 2011 (and I’m still going strong!), but in 2012 I’ve devised a much more important resolution for myself: Become a better designer. As a designer, I’ve never stopped learning and advancing my craft, but sometimes I get so incredibly busy with projects I never have time to experiment, create new styles, and really push myself to create something incredible.

The design community (the web design community) that I’ve been involved with since the beginning of my career is unlike any other community in any other industry I’ve ever witnessed. While many of us compete with each other on a global scale, there is no shortage of kindness, assistance, and appreciation for each other (in most regards). Many individuals like Orman ClarkRich Hemsley, and Kyle Bragger (just to name a few) have literally dedicated a good portion of their career to creating sites or communities that provide free resources for designers and developers to use, and even gather feedback from other people in their field to assist them. How many times have you seen a general contractor give tips to his/her competitor for free? Let alone at all?

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New web site launch and South Coast WordPress

Today is a very busy day for us!

We’re proud to announce the launch of our new web site and start our first South Coast WordPress meet up.

After 7 months of brain storming, wire framing, drawing, pulling our hair out, and good old fashion hard work we’re pleased to release the new Slocum Design Studio web site. I could not be happier with the hard work my team has put into the design and development of this new site and I’m excited to get you’re feedback on how it looks!

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