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Where did my YouTube Comments Go? (A Google+ Story) – copy

 I’m sure you’ve heard by now Google shut down Google+. After data breaches, low user numbers, and being put on the backburners of Google’s focus they’ve decided to terminate the social network.

Back when this post was written, (2013) YouTubers were required to make Google+ accounts. With this integration, comments came from the users Google+ account which more often than not showed the users real names. Changes were made back in 2017 to using the Youtubers comments rather than Google+ user profiles.

Using Google+ is now pretty much a mote point.

Now that the social sites shut down has been moved back from August to April of this year here are the things that you will see go away.

    • Private video sharing to G+ circles
    • Custom Google+ URLs for channels
    • Editing your channel’s icon and art on mobile
    • Linking to any Google+ profiles on channels
  • Commenting features on videos with an outdated YouTube mobile app (Versions from before September 2016)

end of the update-

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Create a WordPress App
You don't need an iPhone app

You Don’t Need an iPhone App

Your marketing director is thinking like a fourteen-year-old. “We need to go mobile to sustain our business. We need an iPhone app!”

The only problem with this statement? Nobody on your team knows how to develop an iPhone app. Heck, everyone on your team might be using Android phones and wouldn’t know where to begin.

But the most important way to solve this problem isn’t too think about HOW to develop an iPhone app for your business. The goal is to ask WHY you are developing an iPhone app. This article discusses the advantages of developing a fresh website on the WordPress platform versus developing a mobile phone app.

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New Slocum Studio

Welcome to the New Slocum Studio

Slocum Studio has been around for years, providing quality websites to our clients all while giving back to the WordPress community in which we are rooted. Our team has free themes and plugins in the WordPress repository, and our PressThis YouTube series compares plugins and themes so that new WordPress developers have a place to go for advice.

With all of this experience assisting others, we decided that it was time for a change in focus and philosophy.

Read to find out how Slocum Studio has become the best WordPress development studio to meet any need and budget.

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Should I put images in my email campaign?

A commonly asked question by the clients who use our website and email services is, “Should I put images in my email campaign?”

It’s a good question. There are always discussions about the necessity and function of images on an email campaign.

Images SHOULD be put in email campaigns to spice up the flow of the message and give people a big call to action.

But there are some things you should take into consideration before putting images in that next email campaign.

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5 SEO tips and tools to elevate your local business


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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is forever changing in the global space.

Somebody practices bad linking or goes around spamming comments and ruins the experience for everyone else. Google slaps them with a penalty and then changes their system so that others cannot repeat the crime.

From the above story, you might think that SEO and content marketing is super competitive. You would be right.

But you also might not realize that optimizing your website is more attainable for a local business than an international one. There are tools and tips out there to maximize a website for the smaller target you are trying to reach. Read to find out more!

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How and why you should use long tail keywords in 2014

…or, how to become a writer for Jeopardy

Jeopardy is a truly unique show. It is the only show I know that phrases it’s questions in the form of answers, and vice versa. The contestant receives the answer to a question and must solve the puzzle by providing the originally intended question to the host.

It is this element of the game that makes it unique and has provided all of us with hours of entertainment. We also consume knowledge through watching the show that we may call back later in life.

Why does this matter for web and specifically content marketing?

Heading into 2014, this mentality of “answer first” is going to play a major role in the world of content marketing. Long tail keywords are going to be the captains of this new movement.

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What is the Best WordPress Theme Framework?

Coming into WordPress can be a daunting thing. For many people, the thought is to grab a theme and get going, until you start to discover that you need more ease of use.

If you do not code and want a good solution for your own business or for your clients, you can typically go one of two ways.

  1. Grab a WordPress theme framework with ease of use.
  2. Buy a clean theme and download plugins that will simply work.

Let’s explore some of the major players in the WordPress theme framework game and explore those options, as well as take a look at what can be done with a clean theme.

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Week in WordPress Episode 20

Today’s cast is a large one. (and that’s not just because we have FAT Media on the line today!)

In this episode of Week in WordPress, we talk about Crowd Favorite, WordPress 3.8 beta 1 being released, and WordPress Twenty Fourteen theme coming to the masses of users.

The guests joining Matt and Scott today are:

  • Carrie Dils
  • Garrett Moon of TodayMade (creators of CoSchedule)
  • Steven Word of Oomph
  • Robert Neu of FAT Media

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Editing, Publishing, and Writing Tools for WordPress


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When it was initially conceived, WordPress was the place to go for creating blogs and writing articles.

Time has passed. WordPress functionality has expanded, and it has become the best choice for business, newspaper, magazine, and other websites.

With all of this potential for smart content creation and , it can be difficult to manage the large quantity of articles and blog posts that are being made at once.

Check out these tools to enhance editorial and project management capabilities of WordPress.

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