E-Commerce Systems

From one to one-thousand products, Slocum Studio can develop an e-commerce solution for your business. Slocum Studio takes a scalable and intelligent approach to developing e-commerce applications. Slocum Studio understands what it takes to survive in this market and creating an online retail presence is key to push your product. Well designed workflows for your customer, your staff and you, improve bottom line in the e-commerce market. Slocum Studio provides a solution and a plan that will deliver whether your a start-up or a retailer of fifty years.

E-commerce solutions require the total package that only Slocum Studio can provide!

  • Brand Identity – A glance at your logo or identity should trigger your brand with a customer.
  • Web Design – Exceptional design sells the trust of your brand and sells more product.
  • Web Development – Scalable and well developed code will help scale your application for long life cycles.
  • CMS integration – Allows you and your staff to modify news and content whenever you need it.
  • SEO positioning – Get found on the web and sell more product. It’s that simple.
  • Web Hosting – Only have a few products but plan to grow to thousands? Our servers can accommodate for the size of your database inventory.
  • Social Media – Tying in your brand and e-commerce presence to outlets like Facebook and Twitter yield unmatched results.
  • High Def Photography – Crisp high definition photos get your product noticed and sold quicker.
  • High Def Video – On location testimonials or owner interview videos broadcast to your client base and get results.

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