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Homepage Designs That are SEO Friendly

Homepage designs that are SEO friendly

Building a website for yourself or having it built for you requires thought and planning. Homepage designs that are SEO friendly will guide you through the process.

(revised April 2, 2019)
This article covers what you should know to make Homepage designs that are SEO friendly and help convert lookers into potential clients.

You’ve probably read these terms before on-page optimization, keywords, and SEO. The basics of SEO is the use of keywords and copy. Search engines look for this information so they can refer users to websites with the most relevant content.

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Create a WordPress App

Web Design

Slocum Design Studio has a focus on exceptional design, superior standards and a comprehensive process to our web design projects. We are passionate about great design and understand that to properly showcase your idea or product, unrivalled design is essential.

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Web Development

Have an idea for an innovative new web application? Attention to every detail is key to success. Not only do we know how to develop something that will deliver your concept, but we keep scalability and marketability in mind to drive traffic and gain revenue.

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Content Management Systems

Want the ability to edit your own website’s content and add photos and video like your competition? We can implement a CMS solution for your website. You and your employees can modify content quickly & easily, totally eliminating the middle man.

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E-Commerce Systems

Slocum Studio takes a scalable and intelligent approach to developing e-commerce applications. We understand what it takes to survive in this market and that creating an online retail presence is key to delivering your product to your target audience.

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Search Engine Optimization

Social Media websites are keeping more users connected than ever before almost instantaneously. Slocum Studio knows how to utilize sites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Digg to raise exposure and awareness about your business faster than you can blink.

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Web & E-mail Hosting

Having the correct hosting plan is one of the most important factors when delivering a frustration free user experience. We have packages for everything from small blogs to advanced e-commerce sites, keeping site growth and expandability mind.

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E-mail Marketing

Having the best website on the planet is useless if no one visits it. At Slocum Studio we know what it takes to get the word out to your customers about your online presence and capabilities through e-mail marketing that exceeds industry standards and drives your traffic.

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