Hawthorn Florist Embraces Slocum ME Pages

It’s not easy establishing an identity online. Your company seeks to gain maximum exposure, but there are just too many competitors who are seemingly doing everything they can to get ahead. But just how exactly does that happen? How do they get ahead? There’s no magic to it, really. The fact of the matter is that consumers online today seek simplicity. They want to view a company’s work and have easy access to contact information and promotional material. Moreover, consumers are looking to connect with businesses more than ever before by becoming fans on social networking websites like Facebook, and by following a company’s updates via micro-blogging networks like Twitter.

An organization’s presence on the web requires much more than a fancy web design. That’s just not what the average consumer is looking for. Businesses that do well online understand they must connect with their potential customers on social networking sites and quite simply give them the information they’re looking for immediately.

Dartmouth, Massachusetts-based Hawthorn Florist & Gift Shop is just one of the many small companies in the nation that are looking to get ahead of the pack. The company has effectively been able to provide visitors with all necessary information consumers crave. This includes: company background information, pro photography images, promotions, and eventually streaming HD video.

Going back to “leading the pack,” Hawthorn has signed with Slocum Studio to jump into many of the leading Social Media sites. Hawthorn is now connected with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Yelp and Flickr — significantly exposing themselves to consumers near and far — that allow both current and prospective customers to get an insider look at just what’s happening within. Slocum’s “Me” service takes care of all the management, promotion and posting of content for the client. This allows Hawthorn to focus on day to day business, while they are represented online by Slocum Design Studio.

Slocum Me pages are allowing organizations to establish their own virtual business identity platform on the internet. Slocum Me pages allow small business and professionals get a strong head start on growing their online identity. See how Slocum Me pages can help you establish your business on the ever-changing landscape of the web.

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