J.J. Best Cars, Engineered by the Minimize Theme

J.J. Best Cars is one of the most recent projects tackled by Slocum Studio.

The website is a full-featured car shop featuring multiple dealers and plenty of impressive vintage and modern sports cars.

More impressive still, the website was custom designed by our team using our very own Minimize Theme framework.

The release of this website is such an exciting event for many reasons.  The website is a subscription based endeavor with full support for purchasing and selling items over PayPal. Also, dealers can get licenses to list and sell a plethora of their vehicular offerings.

The other exciting aspect is the staggering amount of built-in tools offered to the user to post car listings…

Under-the-Hood, Overhauled

So much work with a website is often done under the hood.  There is a niche group out there that understands and loves the way everything works, right down to the spark plugs.  When running a website, there are similar tech-heads who enjoy editing every little detail of every page.

For every techie, however, there are 100 web users out there who just want a functioning website with easy controls.  Slocum Studio met the challenge of the majority by fully-tweaking the website to make it user-friendly.  All of the typical options for editing information on the website have been overhauled to be accessed right from the actual website.

Some of the options that have been given simple “click-to-edit” controls are:

  • Posting of New Items
  • Financial Transactions
  • Search Queries and Listings

Instead of using a clunky interface to display and sell content, the user can edit their postings with the ease of click and drag.  No code to dig through. No prompts to diligently type and initiate.  No clogs in the exhaust. Just easy.

The amount of flexibility we have with our Minimize Theme continues to surprise even our team.

We continue to look for more websites to enrich with our expansive themes.

If you would like help with your websites and a place as yet another Slocum success story, contact us below!  We would be glad to help.

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