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Put Multi-Touch on your Website

This week, Scott and I looked at a Javascript library called Hammer.js, by Eight Media.

The plugin is available on github for download and adds multi-touch and gesture-based support on your website.

Watch the video or view the text version below for a more in-depth look at what this plugin can do for your website.

Responsive Websites

Hammer.js is an important step in web design technology, as it enhances the increasingly important mobile web design front.

If you want to see the tutorial shown in the video, click here.

Multi-Touch Gestures

There are a number of both one and two finger gestures offered in the library.

These include:

  •  Tap
  • Double-Tap
  • Hold (Hold your finger on the screen for X seconds)
  • Transform (Pinch with two fingers)
  • Swipe
  • Drag

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