PressThis or PressThat

PressThis or PressThat is a part of our initiative to provide compelling video content to the WordPress world.  The show is a battle where one of two plugins, themes, apps, or widgets reigns supreme.

Matt Medeiros and Dan Zarzycki of Slocum Design Studio discuss the topic of the week, from a detailed discussion all the way down to an in-depth look at what makes one better than another.

Our First Episode

As a great example, in our first PressThis or PressThat, we look at two WordPress backup plugins and determine which is better.  The catch? One plugin is a free plugin from the WordPress repository, and the other is a premium plugin with a one time cost.

We look forward to continuing the series, with a new entry every week!

Have fun watching, and if you would like your plugin featured on the show or have an idea for an episode, let us know!

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