Slocum Design Studio and Mark Medeiros help sponsor ArtWorks digital art exhibit

ArtWorks! celebrates digital art with eight-week exhibit

Artworks’ two-month long exhibition “To Tell a Story—Digitally” brings 2-d and video to the cobblestone streets of downtown New Bedford.

“I’m excited about expanding the art base here in New Bedford and opening our center to new ideas. The computer is such a versatile art medium, and seeing more and more artists are exploring its possibilities, we were delighted to curate this show,” says Irene Buck, executive director of Artworks!  “Our goal is to encourage more artists along with the whole community to experience our center—We have so much to offer both in our exhibits and our classes.”

“To tell a story” is co-chaired by Mark Medeiros of Slocum Design Studio of Dartmouth and Karen Alves Cronin of Design Principles, Inc. of Marion. Opening the summer season, the exhibit features works of art that fuse narrative and visual images including 2-D pieces along with video.

Medeiros, an entrepreneur, photographer and avid Photoshop user developed the exhibit concept and invited Alves to co-curate. “Karen owns a design studio and runs and co-teaches the Certified Graphics & Web Professional program at Bridgewater State College. She’s a natural fit to help me put this exhibit together.”

Medeiros and Alves have brought in artists from the area including some students from both UMass Dartmouth and Bridgewater State College, and even sparked the interest of a well-known producer in the area, Tommy Whalen.

Alves remarked, “It’s a pleasure to collaborate with such talent! I’ve known Mark for several years now, and am thoroughly impressed by his vision. I consider him a guru! I’m also thrilled to be working with Tommy, who’s bringing in some visually impressive and meaningful videos. Anyone who’s looking to be inspired will love this exhibit! It’s time more people are given the opportunity to express their creativity, and I really believe the computer really helps to make that possible.”

During the exhibition Artworks! will continue their monthly storytelling series for adults, welcome visitors to New Bedford’s Summerfest and plan happenings in a city increasingly recognized for its vibrant arts scene. ArtWorks!, a lively non-profit community art center in New Bedford, MA is located in the historic center of downtown. The center’s exhibits and programs are funded in part by corporate sponsors and the generous support of their members and patrons.

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