WeekPress #5: WordPress 3.5 Details

Greetings yet again WordPressers!

This week features news on the recently announced WordPress 3.5 update.

Hey didn’t 3.4 just come out? (Such is the shelf life of an Internet product)

Also, we celebrate another summer of blockbuster WordPress action with some great new plugins and themes for the week!

WordPress 3.5

Excited by the numerous changes implemented in WordPress 3.4 Green?  Well, you will not have to wait long for the next installment of the WordPress tale!

Recent blogs have pointed to a December 5th release of WordPress 3.5.

The new update will add numerous new features including:

  • The Twenty Twelve Theme
  • Full Support of Apple’s new Retina Display
  • Customizer Improvements
  • Improved Image Gallery

The new theme and support options are going to be the main focus of the update.  But it is important to note the Customizer improvements.  These are improvements to the 3.4 released custom header and live theme workflows.

It is still a way away but we are excited for this new update already!

And now, sit back and grab the popcorn as we look at this week’s mountain of WordPress plugins, one for each taste on the summer movie spectrum.

Embedded Short Link Plugin, For the Social Beast

For those out there that just love to be social, posting short links is a way of life and an art form.  You may use websites like bit.ly or even clients through Google, but one thing is for sure – you love short links.

The Embedded Short Link Plugin from author Pasquale Ambrosio is designed to make creating short links on WordPress easier.   The plugin puts a small button on your page edit toolbar to make a short link out of existing text.

Short links are great for linking immediately on Twitter and also for SEO.  With a unique short link, it is easier to track exactly where most of your traffic and clicking activity is coming from.

Balloons Theme, For the Indie Film Fanatic

Balloons is the newest theme to be featured by WordPress, and it is created by Chris Magiera.

This theme is perfect for those who run a trendy blog.

WordPress Theme Balloons

The website is responsive and has a parallax of balloons in the background that move around as scrolling happens on the webpage.

The theme also supports the newest 3.4.1 features, so you can change the drab gray default background to something more your style and you can also add custom headers.

For those who want a functional blog that can be viewed on any type of screen, you could do far worse than Balloons.

NoobcakeReviewsPlugin, For the Advanced Screener

For the pocket reviewer, we have NoobcakeReviewsPlugin by Jim Burnett.

NoobcakeReviewsPlugin allows the user to vote and review a blog post, giving a star rating system as opposed to simply a numerical score.

This app represents an opportunity to put a little extra “flair” in your posts and make your website that much more graphically appealing to the end user.

MyBooks for Authors, For Those Who Feel the Book Was Better

MyBooks for Authors is a very cool plugin from Joseph Hinson of the Out:Think Group and Tim Grahl, and it is one that allows users to buy the books the curator has posted on many different websites.  This list includes:

  • Amazon.com
  • iBooks
  • barnesandnoble.com
  • 800ceoread.com
  • Indiebound

The plugin is great for those who want to make it easier to sell a book on multiple outlets through one easy system.

Lose Some Sun for WordPress Fun

That is going to do it for this week’s WeekPress.  We hope that you found at least one exciting new plugin to use today!

Some news! We will soon be reviewing plugins.

If you would like us to review your plugin, post below!

Want to comment on great new themes you have found in your travels? Once again, post below and we will get to you!

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