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Changes to Google+ and Boring Titles on SEO Lunch

How should you optimize your website for B2B sales?

Is your title just SEO bait or is it compelling?

Is Google+ going to become a spam closet like Facebook?

These important questions and more are answered on this week’s SEO Lunch.

Dig in!

Google+ and the B2B Sale

Google is changing the way pages on work on their growing social network website. Businesses will now be able to “+1” and comment on personal pages that have no affiliation with their circles.

This gives businesses and opportunity to connect in a bigger way with their consumer base and also with fellow or partner business companies.

But is this is a good thing, or is it going to lead to a large majority of spam on the sexy new social media service? Time will tell.

What the Heck is an SEO?

We came across a great resource for all of you who want to know what role Search Engine Optimization plays for large and small business.

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