Finding your E-Commerce Ecosystem


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This week, the studio went head first into the world of e-Commerce on a WordPress-powered website.

While we had previously talked about the most popular e-Commerce plugins, WooCommerce and WP e-Commerce, we took a look at two others.

The two popular plugins in question were MarketPress and JigoShop. Below is the video review of the two.

E-Commerce Ecosystem

In the video is an in-depth discussion about e-Commerce plugins as more complicated entities.

When you sign up to use a JigoShop or a WooCommerce as you payment provider and support engine, you are effectively entering an entire ecosystem.

Therefore, we recommend thinking about every aspect of the choice you are going to make.

This includes service, support, availability and type of extensions, price, and so forth.

Payment Gateways

This week, we also took a view at the steps to take when choosing a payment gateway.

Payment gateways include the typical PayPal, Google Checkout, 2Checkout, Amazon FPS, and more.

In the article, we discuss all of the necessary checkups, like pricing, support, and more.

payment gateways

Next Week

Next week, we will continue our coverage of payment gateways by looking at a direct comparison of the different offerings.

This should make it easier to make the decision for your business.

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