Which Payment Gateway is the Best?


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Last week, we took a look at what to look for when selecting payment gateways.

This week, we take a look at which to choose in the increasingly crowded market.

Included in this Infographic is information on pricing for the major providers of credit card payment support on a website. It also includes a quick look into whether or not the service has a dedicated or widely supported install base on WordPress, the web’s largest open source CMS and website builder.

Payment Gateways

For a more interactive view of the infographic, you can click the picture above or click here.

A Bit of Information

Certain services in this list charge a “setup fee” to get your account rolling.  These are generally services that are International or have more payment options.  Also business accounts may require a setup as the information has to be entered properly and securely.

Authorize.net, the most popular of the payment gateways listed, is a good example of this with its one-time $99 setup fee.

Though Authorize and 2Checkout seem like the most costly systems out there and thus the most passable, these gateways give plenty of options when it comes to International shipping.

They also set up your account for you as a true merchant account to get you up and running as a small business. These two features may be worth the price of admission alone.

There’s More

This is a great resource and starting point that should provide a good idea as to who to choose for your e-Commerce needs. Depending on the coin being spent in the business and the type of business, certain payment gateway percentages will be more desirable than others.

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