Advertising Kinetic Typography

Growing Design Trend In Advertising Kinetic Typography

Over the past 6 months or so, I have been noticing an increasing Growing Design Trend In Advertising Kinetic Typography for both print and television ads.

This is not new, in fact, it’s been around for quite some time.

Lately, though a growing number of companies are joining this trend, and after this blog post, I hope that you will be more aware of it, and recognize it as you go about your life. The trend is minimalist and kinetic typography.


The first example I noticed was from Pepsi. They launched their “Refresh Everything” campaign which was the first major advertising campaign with their newly redesigned logo. Back in 2009, they used the Presidential Inauguration as a vehicle to get their message out. They launched their campaign and put it EVERYWHERE replacing all ‘O’s with the new Pepsi logo.

As a reminder– Kinetic typography is defined as moving text it’s an animation technique giving motion to fonts.

This is a Pepsi television spot, from 2012 titled Come Alive.

Ford Motor Company

The trend has now filtered into the automotive industry with Ford Motor Company using it for their F-150 commercials. There have been several so far, and it seems that they are sticking to the style.


A 2D kinetic typography animation from a Nike ad.

Planet Fitness

Starting the 1st of the year, Planet Fitness launched a campaign similar to Ford’s. Upon further research, I discovered that they had been using kinetic typography for almost a year’s time.


Starbucks joined Pepsi in encouraging people to vote by offering them a free cup of coffee if they voted in the 2008 election. A perfect example of kinetic typography usage in an ad.

Charlie Moore: The Mad Fisherman

Even local area stations have started employing the trend in ads. Mad Fish is a show on NESN, New England Sports Network, featuring Charlie Moore. Recently they have launched an ad featuring the same kinetic typography style as the Ford commercials. I also could not find any clips of this online.


Another example I noticed was in the film Zombieland. Throughout the film, viewers are reminded of the basic rules of survival in Zombieland by typography creatively placed and animated within the scene.

These are just a few I have noticed. I am sure there are many more. Don’t be scared, share yours, and share your thoughts!

So there you have it. Growing Design Trend In Advertising Kinetic Typography is one of the most used, types of animation. The purpose is to grab the viewer’s attention-drawing them into the message.

Adding a voice-over and some great music brings the ad to life. Thereby making it much more memorable.

Kinetic typography animation can also be a compelling video type for those who want to take a minimalistic approach to explaining a product or service.

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