6 Types of Boston Website Designing Services

6 Types of Boston Website Designing Services

Internet surfing is no longer for the casual user. Businesses understand the potential of the internet—it’s an excellent source for customers looking for your products or services and can help build your brand. Helping you achieve online success is why we wrote this post— 6 Types of Boston Website Designing Services. Slocum Studio is located just south of Boston, MA.

But to convert new customers and clients, you need a well-structured website. And not all website designing services are created equal.

Don’t fall into the pitfalls of using amateur web design or a DIY website builder; if you think you are saving money, you are not, at least not in the long run. Instead, you’ll want to let the real professionals do the work. But how can you find the exemplary website design service for your Boston business?

Creating a beautiful website that converts clients isn’t simple. Professional website design agencies have years of experience creating exceptional sites. They’ll craft a beautiful website that drives targeted traffic to your site, among other benefits

1. Responsive Website Design

Used to be that websites needed to be designed based on device usage.

6 Types of Boston Website Designing Services

You would have required multiple website versions to appear on different devices. So, for example, you would need one for desktop and laptop computers, one for widescreen smartphones, and one for smaller phones like Blackberries.

However, responsive website design has removed the need to make several sites. Responsive design is about creating a site that modifies itself based on the shape and size of the screen.

A responsive web developer will design your site consistently to be beautiful and easy to navigate on any device.

Responsive web design finds its way into many website designer services because all developers know the importance of multi-device compatibility. So every developer you find will likely offer this service.

Landing and Squeeze Page Design

Landing and Squeeze page, what are the reasons behind them?

Landing and Squeeze Page Design
Example of a Squeeze Page

A landing page is usually a one-page standalone design. The goal is to convert viewers into buyers. Or on what you feel is essential, such as a sale, the viewer’s email, or directing them to a page. 

The squeeze page’s goal is to collect information: user name, email address, or anything you deem necessary.

Squeeze pages show off a product or service. Squeeze pages need to be clean and straightforward. Simplicity is the key, your not looking to complicate the page with many visuals or content.

Squeeze and Landing pages are similar because they require research for good header titles. Headers and visuals need to be an appealing call to action. It’s not easy to distinguish between a squeeze or a landing page.

Landing pages exist solely to capture visitors’ information, usually through a form on the page.

Capturing visitor information is also the mission of a squeeze page. So a squeeze page is a specific type of landing page. Both pages aim to get website visitors to fill out the forms.

To Recap, squeeze pages are landing pages, but not all landing pages are squeeze pages. For example, using a squeeze page in a blog post is typical, or even a popup. Not so for a landing page.

So which should you choose, a landing page or a Squeeze page?

As you have read, landing and squeeze pages are very similar; your needs and objectives should tell you which one to choose. If your goal is to collect names and email addresses for campaigns, we have shown this to be your best choice. If you’re planning a Google Ad or Facebook campaign, you may be looking for a conversion funnel– wanting to make a sale right on the same page. In that case, a landing page may be a good choice for you.

Web Design and Content Marketing Services

When it comes to digital marketing, website development is the first step. Next, you’ll want to publish new content on that site over time and direct visitors to it from other places. Places like your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or YouTube accounts, to name a few.

For that reason, many web development agencies also provide content marketing services.

Content marketing is any marketing strategy that involves giving away useful or entertaining information to get attention and customers. 

Publishing blog posts, writing tweets, and making short videos for Instagram are common examples.

If you’re a skilled writer, you might have your web developer set up a blog as one part of your website and start publishing your writing there. Or you can work with a content marketing agency and have content like blog posts made for you


Why you want and need a blog

A blog or media page is an essential component of a website. It’s what keeps the site active and ranking. Incorporating a blog post on your website is critical to keep your site fresh and relevant. 

Websites that have rarely updated pages will not rank well on Google. A blog or news section is the heartbeat of your website.

6 Types of Boston Website Designing Services

Think of a blog as a library where you (used to go) to get information; now you Google it! What comes up on the Google search, maybe your blog page if the search terms match your blog title.

The point is that blogs help you communicate with potential clients and explain a product or service you offer. And it can help in confirming your website a creditable. 

Custom WordPress Development

You’ve no doubt heard of WordPress. You probably come across it every day because it powers nearly 40 percent of the world’s websites.
You can publish new content and update information easily through the WordPress editor with a WordPress site. That means you don’t have to fall back on a developer every time you need to update your site.

However, most WordPress users only have a handful of website themes when choosing a web design.

Themes are pre-designed websites that you can customize with the WordPress editor. But that customization is limited, which means many WordPress sites look the same.

However, you can hire a WordPress developer to make a stunning customized theme for you. Your site will stand out as you use WordPress’s features.

7 Benefits of Hiring a WordPress Website Development Company

Designing a website to compliment your brand is critical if you want your online web assets to stand out and look credible. Fonts, colors, and graphics are all components of great design.

Other examples of where you might need a web developer are for a membership website or a website that requires data development.
Some membership websites require logic that requires a WordPress developer to code into the website’s backend.

 6 types of Boston website designing services

E-Commerce Website Design

E-commerce web development is the creation of websites for e-commerce businesses.

Some of our clients ask to build their e-commerce website from the ground up. Others are content with us customizing a WordPress theme to fit their brand. Both are fine for selling a catalog of products and or services. There is no wrong or right method, and both can perform exceptionally well.

Product pages, customer reviews, and shopping carts are unique features built into e-commerce websites.

Having clean, well-designed product pages can make or break a shopping site. Graphics, content, and imagery are essential elements of a shopping page. 


You’ll want your product or services found, so look for good keywords and content optimization.

Another point to consider is the usage of tabs on the product pages. Page tabs like a description of the product, reviews on the product, and specifications help the visitor make choices. And you get to sell more products!

If you’re running a business that sells more than several products, you’ll probably want to set up an e-commerce site to connect with customers. It’s best to find a developer specializing in this if you need it.

Website Redesign Services

Website redesign is all about taking a site you already own and making it better.

Whether you’re improving its look and feel, making it more secure, or updating old content, a website redesign is essential for established sites that have been around for a while.

Most web design agencies will probably be willing to redesign your existing website for you, although some will likely want to build a new site for you from the ground up.

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Get Online With Slocum Studio Website Designing Services

You are now familiar with the 6 types of Boston website designing services. Now, it’s time to decide: what are the best website design services for your business?

Your online presence isn’t something you can afford to do halfheartedly. 

You need to work with the best to get the results you deserve.

That’s where Slocum Studio comes in. Whether you want a great WordPress site or help with your digital marketing, SEO, or content writing, we have a comprehensive range of services to get you online and find your ideal audience. Contact us to learn more.

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Let us know how you feel about our 6 Types of Boston Website Designing Services blog post and if there is something you would like to mention.

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