The Importance of Having a Company Website

The Importance of Having a Company Website

If your business does not have a company website, then it’s time to get one. This is why having a company website is so important to your success.

Nearly half of all searches made on Google are requests for local businesses. No matter how small a company may be, there are people out there looking for it. But how can you start to convert those leads, if you don’t have a website?

A fully functioning site is crucial to the growth of your organization. Read on as we discuss the importance of a company website

As for the platform, I recommend WordPress. WordPress is the most popular website building platform in the world. And for a good reason! WordPress powers nearly 44% of all websites on the internet. And almost 15% of the world’s top websites.

For a more in-depth guide on WordPress, read my previous post.

Improve Your Credibility With a Business Website

One of the biggest reasons to have a professional website is to improve your credibility. Most people will search for you online once you offer your services or products. They may want to browse through what you are offering, check out reviews, or get a general idea of what your company does. 

We found a statistic that said less than 64% of small businesses have a website. That is a really big number when you consider the number of websites on the internet.

The Importance of Having a Company Website

So when you think about credibility, here’s how it might play out.

Let’s say you were looking for a sculling boat (yeah we row), and you asked a friend that rows too where he bought his boat. And he tells you about this great place that carries them.

What is the first thing you do? You ask him what the name of the place is and then you Google it. Right? 81% of consumers start their buyer journey with online research.

Your first impression If they don’t have a website, is that they probably don’t sell very much. As it is such a standard procedure for any business, not having one may show that you are inexperienced or have an amateur setup. If you want to appear relevant you really should have a website.

Increase Your Revenue

The ability of a professional website to generate leads and sales should not be underestimated, especially for e-commerce online stores.. Once you have one, you can be found on search engines. This opens you up to a much larger customer base, giving you access to trade from across the globe. 

There are a few ways you can begin to do this. The first is to place your products online, crafting an online shop. You may need to invest in packaging and do some research on fulfillment, but after this, you will see a huge boost in your order numbers. 

Keep in mind that you only have a few seconds to create a good first impression and instill trust. So design for credibility!

Even if you are selling a service, you can list all you have to offer on the website. With examples of work you have done before, people can decide if they are interested in what you offer. You can then take them further along the sales funnel by taking their details and getting a representative to call them back.

Improve Customer Service

The right website design can increase your customer service operations. Not only will it relieve some of the strain on your representatives, but it also creates an easy access platform for customers. Before long you will have an excellent reputation for customer service that fosters brand loyalty. 

One of the easiest ways to help customers is to place all the information they need on your website. It may be as simple as contact details or may even have a frequently asked questions section. Instead of contacting you directly, people can find the answer to problems themselves. 

Customer service chatbots are also an affordable, easy option. Using pre-designed templates they will answer the queries of visitors to your website. You can also use them to provide information on products, services, and sign-up procedures. 

Access to Digital Marketing

Once you have created a website, it acts as a home for your digital presence. If you combine it with a robust digital marketing strategy, you can begin to filter customers back to your website and convert them into sales or leads. The website gives you access to a whole range of digital marketing channels in which you can do this. 

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the most popular types of campaigns. This is a method in which your adverts are placed on search engines and social media. When interested parties see them, you are only charged if they click on the link and are directed to your website. 


Search engine optimization (SEO) will go hand in hand with your digital marketing strategy. It is the practice of optimizing your website so that it gains organic traffic from search engines. Organic traffic is extremely important because it is free and of high quality. 

Two main types of SEO exist, though even these have many subcategories. They are known as on and off-page SEO. 

On-page SEO covers the things on your website that you can control, such as technical aspects, website design, and layout. Off-page SEO relates to the things elsewhere on the web that show how authoritative your site is. These may include how many backlinks you have, and how much traffic you get from social media. 

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Keywords and Content

When your website acts as your online home, it also gives you a place to house your content. Content takes many forms, from videos to infographics and podcasts. Of all these, the blog is one of the most popular and easiest to get started with. 

A blog is great because you can fill it with keywords. Keywords are the terms that people type into Google. If your site has content that matches the keywords, there is a chance it may appear in the results, and people get directed to your website. 

Finding the right keywords is an art form in itself. Certain words will have different amounts of search volume but they will also have lots of competition. Therefore, you need to get a balance of the keywords you use in your content. 

Content can also get shared online, using emails, or on social media channels. This increases your reach, pushing even more traffic back to your website. 

Social Proof

People are much more likely to use a product or service if other people recommend it. Your website is a great place to collect this social proof and show it off to visitors, increasing trust between them and your organization.

If you have been reviewed well on trade or business sites, you can embed them on your website. Any testimonials from previous customers can also be placed at different points on the site.

Finally, you can use it to show off the great job you have done. If you have finished projects or have products to showcase, a website is a great place to put them.   

Creating a Company Website

Now you know the importance of a company website, decide what you will need from it. You don’t have to have a vast site to reap the rewards. A single-page website with your information can work as well as anything. 

Slocum Studio should be your first stop. We can build a WordPress website optimized to convert your traffic. Contact us here and let us help you thrive in the digital economy. 

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