MagicMembers is Membership Done Right

In this week’s episode of PressThis, we talk about more Membership plugins for WordPress.

The two that battled for supremacy this week were MagicMembers and WP-Member.

But the story wasn’t so much the battle, as it was our discovery of the great plugin MagicMembers. Find out why in this video.

Content Dripping Done Well

In last week’s episode of the show, we talked about how Premise and Wishlist Member content dripping left much to be desired. The solutions were to leaking out content were ho-hum.

In sharp contrast, MagicMembers handles content dripping gracefully.  Right from the edit post page, on the right hand sidebar is an option to “Post Delay”.

Even cooler, you can mark how long someone has to wait for content depending on which membership level they have.

This is great if you want, for example, a “Gold member” (see what I did there?) to have access to all videos right away, but force a “Silver member” to wait a week for each additional video.


This episode is proof that not all plugins are created equally.

With no way to ease content to a consumer and no options for things like pay per post, WP-Member was pretty bare-boned for its price.

MagicMembers is the counter to that plugin and stands as our favorite membership plugin thus far.

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