Why You Should Update to WordPress 3.5

WordPress 3.5 is finally upon us!

This update has been a long time coming, and has many new features.

Check out this video below to watch Scott and Dan talk about the different changes that have been implemented in the new version of WordPress.

What’s New in WordPress 3.5

In one of our latest PressThis videos, we talk all about the new WordPress Media Library provided in WordPress 3.5.

Basically, the Media Library has been completely redone to be easier to use and more visual. Also, users can import galleries and groups of photos directly to the post from the media library with a couple of clicks.

WordPress is Retina Display Ready

With the launch of the Twenty Twelve theme on, the theme itself is completely retina display ready.

Additionally, the entire back-end of WordPress, from the Dashboard to the settings to the top bar, is all pretty for the new retina display macbook pro’s as well.

SIDE NOTE: Any website not designed on the Twenty Twelve theme still requires retina plugins to work on retina screens from the front-end unless otherwise noted by the theme designer.

Import Tumblr to WordPress

One of my favorite personal changes to WordPress 3.5 is the added ability to import your Tumblr blog to a WordPress website.

For those that started with a basic tumblr account and wanted to move to something with more options like WordPress, this functionality is great.

To import a Tumblr account to WordPress, blog posts and all, all you have to do is go to Settings>Import on WordPress and select the “Tumblr” link. From there, you have to log in to Tumblr and generate a key to allow the app to make the transfer from Tumblr to WordPress.

Simple as pie.

Developer Changes in WordPress 3.5

There have been a few changes made on the developer-end as well.

AJAX functionality has been added to the media library in its use and also in the meta data association with images.

Javascript library backbone.js has been added to the core.

WP_Query now allows the developer to program the exact order in which posts appear by post ID.

Multi-Site installs have been made easier, allowing a server to run multiple profiles in subfolders under one WordPress install on the server.

switch_to_blog() has been made easier to use and new hooks and filters have been added for good measure.

Noted Omission – Favorite Plugins

Favorite Plugins, a feature that was talked about, is sadly not coming out with 3.5 but is still implemented in the code somewhere.

This is a feature that will probably see the light of day eventually.

In favorite plugins, you can log in with your username and get a list of plugins that you have favorited for easy access and easy download.

What are you waiting for?

Download WordPress 3.5 today.  It is always good to keep your website up to date and to prevent hackers from getting into your site.

Also, the new update is free, just like the rest of what WordPress has to offer.

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