Shareaholic vs Digg Digg: Social Media Sharing Plugins for WordPress

PressThis is back.

This week, we discuss two plugins to grow your business socially, Shareaholic and Digg Digg.

These plugins are great for those who want to get their content seen by as many people as possible.

Shareaholic is the the more visual of the two, with tons of options for just about any form of social media and every outlet (detailed and shown in the video).  It also comes complete with an analytics package, either from Google Analytics or Shareaholic’s own analytics.

Digg Digg is the inverse of Shareaholic with the same goal. It is the more difficult to use but ultimately more customizable of the two, with dynamic floating share and like buttons.  It does not feature any analytics support built-into the plugin and it does not have the sheer number of options that Shareaholic.

Watch the video review of these two plugins and come to your own decision for which you would implement in your website!

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