What’s New in WordPress 3.7 “Basie”

Want to watch the video version? Check it out! Otherwise, get the write-up below.

Better Security with WordPress 3.7

With the new additions to WordPress 3.7, the overarching vision is clear;


The most obvious example is found in the new strong password field.

While it is still very easy for someone to use “password”.. as their PASSWORD… (ugh) the recommendations are much stronger.

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How to use our Minimize Theme

Thank you

The fact that you decided to install our theme excites us. We are equally excited to teach you EXACTLY how to use our Minimize theme.

The following page features documentation as well as video content to help you use the theme, from installation to use.

Most of the content below pertains to the deeper feature set of the pro version of our theme.

What is included in the Pro Version

While both the free and pro versions of our Minimize theme are indeed responsive, there are many reasons to upgrade.

Custom CSS and Styling

Colors and Web Fonts

You can always start with the free version and upgrade here when you are ready to make the jump.

Table of Contents

Install and activate

Theme Settings

Social Media

Custom Code


Great Plugin Suggestions

Responsive Design

How to Install

– Back end of wordpress


Activating Theme

Go to Themes

Click Activate under the Minimize Theme

Theme Settings

Find right from the Theme Tab or the Theme Settings undertab

Logo, tagline, color, web font, featured image (talk about them)

Social Media Integration

SDS Social Media Widget

Input the hyperlinks in the theme settings

Implementing custom code (for developers)

Header information



Talk about the Blocks plugin

Great Plugins

Designed to be lightweight and flexible

Not every plugin will work

Here is a list of good ones:

– Soliloquy

What is responsive design?

When a WordPress theme is responsive, that means it has been built from the ground up to smartly transition from computer, to smart phone, to tablet, to whatever.

Because Minimize is responsive, a website created using the software


Do you have any additional questions? We have a great support system.

You can also comment below so that we may respond in a timely fashion.

Week in WordPress official episodes + iTunes

Ok it seems there’s a bit of confusion because we stareted Week in WordPress with episode 0.

Back then we were just dipping our toe’s in the water to gauge the temperature. Sure enough it was warm and we dove in.

That said, now that we’re on iTunes, the episode #’s do not match up because we put up the “real number 1 first”. So for here on out and including YouTube we’ll make sure the numbers sync.

Without further delay, here’s episode 11!

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Week in WordPress episode 10

We’ve got a special episode for you today.

First and foremost, Week in WordPress is finally on iTunes! You can subscribe to the channel here: Week in WordPress on iTunes

Now on to the fun stuff!

I’m away on vacation for the weekend so I let Brian Krogsgard run the ship. He invited Brian Richards and Pippin Williamson to join us on the program today. Both are two WordPress luminaries that I have a lot of respect for.

Accompanied as always by our very own Scott Sousa, they produced an amazing show for all of us! Enjoy!

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Week in WordPress episode 8

This week’s episode really delivers on the heroics. 

Some might say it’s uncanny. Pay attention or it might go by in a Flash!

Ok, enough of the super hero cliches.

Today we’re joined by Brian Krogsgard of Poststat.us and Thomas Griffin of Soliloquy slider to recap this week’s hottest WordPress news. We’re covering all of the #DramaPress surrounding some recent “masked men” on the WordPress scene and much more.

On to the show!

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Week in WordPress Episode 7

It’s like Christmas in August!

So much great news this week surrounding what came of WordCamp San Francisco, The release of WordPress 3.6 and so much more within the community.

Our first special co-host this week is Eric Hamm of CobaltApps.com which I also had a chance to interview over on the Matt Report podcast. The second host that seems to need to introduction, Jeff Chander our acting WordPress correspondent from WPTavern.com 🙂

On to the show!

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