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How to develop a WordPress plugin part 2

Matt and Scott continue the journey down the plugin development road.

If you missed part 1, we suggest going back to that video and starting from the basics. We covered some of the fundamental work you should have done before you actually started coding.

In this episode we’ll jump into choosing the right file structure, prepping your plugin for development and using the WordPress repo.

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SlideDeck 2 WordPress slider review

To slide or not to slide — that is the question.

In the new SEO age, our familiar friend the slider is making it’s way tot he chopping block. Slow load times, unfriendly touch interfaces and lack of quick content access.

However, one of the most popular WordPress slider plugins is poised to make comeback. Check out SlideDeck 2 in our latest PressThis episode!

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How to develop a WordPress plugin part 1

Interested in developing your first WordPress plugin?

If you’re new to WordPress development and you want to join in the fun of our great WordPress development community, this is the episode for you! Join us as we kick off part 1 of WordPress plugin development on the FreshDev web show!

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SEOLunch Episode 23: Google web designer and when to tweet

Our concept of the week centers around how much data is available in the web marketing world.

Dan and Matt look at what data is available outside of Google analytics and why it’s important to your web marketing success. Sure unique visits and time on site is important — but how many G+ followers do you have? Twitter retweets? What’s your total social reach?

There’s plenty of data out there, let’s focus on what’s actually working in our business!

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Week in WordPress Episode 0

Kicking off our first ever Week in WordPress roundtable talk today!

We were met with a few technical challenges, but all in all, I’d say we’re off to a good start. If you’re looking for a healthy dose of weekly WordPress headlines, be sure to tune in every Friday.

On to the show!

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