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Review of Membership by WPMU

At Slocum Studio we are no stranger to the membership plugin craze.

They are also no stranger to the wonderful world of WPMU and their ecosystem of plugins.

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Combining the two features, in this episode of PressThis, the guys take a look at the Membership plugin from wpmudev.

How does it stack up?

Membership and buddypress

Out of the box, the premium version of Membership gives you the ability to bridge your BuddyPress groups and contacts over to the subscription page to give your existing following special features on the website.

It is an ingenious and special implementation of WPMU’s services that helps sell their large ecosystem of WordPress products.

Pricing for Membership

There are three ways to get Membership by wpmudev into your life:

  • Free – Free version includes the plugin for WordPress, with BuddyPress integration and administrative integration, has taken out and only a two-level maximum for subscriptions.
  • $19 – The premium version includes what was missing above and unlimited levels and subscriptions
  • $39.50 p/month – Access to all of the multiple WPMU services and plugins with premium support.

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We will be doing a battle royal among the different membership plugins soon.

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