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To Our Hosted WordPress Clients: We’ve Updated to WordPress 3.5

We just wanted to let all of our hosted WordPress clients¬†know that we’ve updated your WordPress core to 3.5. Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s new in 3.5. If you’d like even more information on these new features, here’s a post explaining¬†why you should update to WordPress 3.5 if you haven’t already.

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The Loop in WordPress

WordPress Loop Introduction

The main process of WordPress is known as The Loop. In this video, from the popular Fresh Web Dev series, Dan and Scott look at the Loop, how it works, and why it is important to businesses and blogs alike.

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Paid Memberships Pro and the Restriction of Content on WordPress

In continuing our look at membership plugins, we focus on our attention on two restriction plugins. Paid Memberships Pro, from Jason Coleman, is the first free plugin we have seen, and shows a lot of promise. Restrict Content Pro, from Pippin Williamson of the popular Pippin’s Plugins, is a cheaper yet more functional alternative. Watch […]

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Why You Should Update to WordPress 3.5

WordPress 3.5 is finally upon us! This update has been a long time coming, and has many new features. Check out this video below to watch Scott and Dan talk about the different changes that have been implemented in the new version of WordPress.

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MagicMembers is Membership Done Right

In this week’s episode of PressThis, we talk about more Membership plugins for WordPress. The two that battled for supremacy this week were MagicMembers and WP-Member. But the story wasn’t so much the battle, as it was our discovery of the great plugin MagicMembers. Find out why in this video.

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DIY WordPress Membership

This month is Slocum Studio’s look at membership on the WordPress framework. We recently featured a video where we talk exclusively about the benefits of implementing membership plugins in a WordPress-powered website. But what if you are a developer or designer who wants to implement membership on a client’s website? How about your own website […]

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Choosing WordPress Membership Plugins

We spent most of last month talking about eCommerce on the WordPress framework. We looked at payment gateways and pitted eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce and WP e-Commerce against one another. This holiday season takes us into the gift that keeps on giving, website membership. Here is a video detailing our jump into WordPress membership plugins […]

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Photon for Jetpack and WordPress 3.5 Beta 3

The talk around the WordPress community is images. Lots and lots of images. Many bloggers or businesses want an easier way to display images on their WordPress-powered website. In this week’s episode of PressThis, we look at how much easier it will be to add and manage images with the new Media Library in WordPress […]

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Implement Photo Effects on WordPress with Paintbrush.js

Do you want to give your photos some kick? Do you love the photo effects presented to you in Photoshop? Dave Shea, esteemed web designer and developer, released a Javascript library called Paintbrush.js that allows any web developer to add photo effect functionality to their website. Watch this video to see a live demo of […]

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Providence WordCamp 2012 Highlights

The first ever Providence WordCamp took place this year. With tickets sold out, the smallest state in the country was playing to a large crowd. And the event delivered. Take a look at the video.

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