The Best eCommerce Ecosystems for WordPress

As you may be aware, we at Slocum Studio have been covering the different eCommerce plugins for WordPress

We have put WooCommerce against WP e-Commerce.

We have put JigoShop against MarketPress.

But the important element is not which plugin you pick. Actually, it is knowing that when you do select the appropriate eCommerce plugin, you will not be downloading a simple tool.

You will be entering an ecosystem.

Which one do I choose?

It is a difficult choice, given that once you select one, you are set for awhile.

Let’s break it down.

WooCommerce – For those who want unprecedented selection of extensions and a free plugin to start.

MarketPress – For those who have lots of business needs in eCommerce and want unlimited live support and plugins. MarketPress uses the pay per month model.

JigoShop – For those who believe that Jigoshops prices are better and want a more focused selection of payment options in extensions.

WP e-Commerce – For those who know WordPress and want the most code-oriented and customizable option. WP e-Commerce is also the easiest plugin ecosystem to leave if need be.

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