Co-Citation over Anchor Tags and Valentine’s Day SEO


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Happy Valentine’s Day!

After enduring one of the worst blizzards in recent New England memory, the boare of SEO Lunch are back.

Matt and Dan look at the emergence of co-citation in search engine optimization and discuss the fall of typical practices like utilizing anchor tags and alt tagging.

What is Co-Citation?

Co-citation refers to the amount of times a keyword appears near another keyword.

In one of Rand Fishkin’s Whiteboard Fridays, Rand talked about how this form of Google algorithm may overtake simple anchor tags and title keywords.

As a business, this means that it may become more difficult to be seen online without a well-rounded and all-encompassing online presence.

Basically, if “John Doe Pizza” is looking to land for “Boston Pizza Place” on Google, it may be better to get your business’s name near “pizza” or “Boston pizza” or “pizza place” on other websites than to simply write “John Doe Pizza: The Best Boston Pizza Place” as the title of your next blog post.

Build your Brand, not your Links

In one of the more important articles we looked at, the line between promoting links and promoting the brand is discussed.

As search engine optimization becomes more personal and organic, it is important to promote your brand through non-technical means.

This can be done through many different avenues, from guest blogging to viral or guerrilla marketing.


Happy Valentine’s Day from Slocum Studio

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