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Why Good Web Design Matters: The 4 Best Tips To Get It Right

I get it; you are reading this post thinking of redoing or rebuilding your website. And you have probably been searching different posts trying to figure out why good web design matters. Below I show the best 4 tips to get it right.

Good web design 4 best tips

I am working to change how I write my blogs—trying to get away from the dry oatmeal facts and sterilized descriptions—hoping to make my posts more interesting and relevant to you– the reader. Helping you on your journey.

Building a new website should be a fun time for you. You are on a mission to make your new website all about your brand. But understand that good web design is more than design; read my story about Ben and see what I mean.

Let’s begin– You must have been living under a rock; if you haven’t figured it out, you must have an excellent online presence if you hope to sell a product or service.

Ponder this for a few seconds; a staggering 80% of Americans shop online. This statistic should be of the utmost importance to you.

It’s not enough to throw up a website and hope for the best– right? Yeah, well, it happens every day.

A recent call from my client Ben:

Ben is a nice guy who called me to redo his website. The first thing he mentions is the colors; he does not like the colors on the website.

He mentions the colors of all the things wrong with his website. A significant revision, and he points to colors; what about the user’s experience, responsive design, or a poor call to action– nope, not a word.

What is the popular phrase: Perception is a reality, meaning what you perceive is what it is.

Why Web Design Matters

But people won’t see color as an issue unless it’s incandescent lime or another offensive combination. However, they will notice difficulty finding what they want, some cumbersome checkout process, or poor, inadequate product or service information.

Be open-minded when looking into building a new website. It’s not only about what you like. Instead, will my website attract customers and ensure they have a good experience?

Any agency worth its weight will ask you to complete a creative brief to learn what your pain points are and the goals you hope to accomplish.

Clients tell me they’ve learned so much from our creative briefs. They mean they have learned more about their needs and wants than they realized.

If you want your website to generate leads and help you make sales, it has to be well designed. A poorly designed website will result in limited traffic, few leads, and little to no sales.

How would you know if you’re getting traffic? One way, be sure your designers installed Google Analytics on your website. And at the end of every month, ensure you read the report.

Why Good Web Design Matters: The 4 Best Tips To Get It Right

But what is a web design, and why does it matter? Just as importantly, what are the critical components of good web design?

We’re here to answer these questions. Keep reading for everything you need to know about why good web design matters, including four tips on how to get it right.

Web Design Structure

Web design is the structure and functions of your website. It includes everything about your website, such as:

  • Layout
  • Buttons
  • Visuals
  • Content
  • Navigation
  • Titles
  • Menus
  • Search engine optimization
  • And more

Your website needs to be visually appealing yet, not overstimulating. 

Your pages need to load quickly, and the entire website should be easy to navigate. The more intuitive your website is, the easier it will be for consumers to navigate your pages and find what they need.

Why Good Web Design Matters: The 4 Best Tips To Get It Right

But why does this matter?

A Good Website Presents You as an Authority in your Industry

First, good web design shows that you are a legitimate company. A professionally designed and developed website should convey credibility and trust. Visitors will find you much more credible, making more sales or conversions easier.

First, good web design shows that you are a legitimate company. A professionally designed and developed website should convey credibility and trust. Visitors will find you much more credible, making more sales or conversions easier.

A website that doesn’t load properly and contains grammatical errors and lackluster imagery won’t inspire trust. Websites like this have a high bounce rate because they don’t make a good impression on visitors. They’re in and out in short order.

Remember, time on the page is a good ranking factor.

Good Web Design Helps You Generate More Leads

Good web design and social media content have something in common. They’re all about the user experience. Make it a good one! If consumers visit your website and like what they see, they’re more likely to stick around. 

They’ll read more of your blog articles, learn about your company, explore your product pages, and subscribe to your email list. At least that’s the plan and should be your goal.

The longer people stay on your website, the more likely they will become qualified leads. In turn, your website will generate more sales.

Good Web Design Maximizes Your Online Presence

Finally, a well-designed website serves to boost your search engine optimization. 

SEO is the coding used by search engines like Google to find relevant content online based on a user’s keyword search. As 88% of consumers research products and services online, it’s vital that your website is coming up in these searches.

Good web design includes things like:

  • Keyword-rich articles
  • Link-building strategies
  • Meta titles and headers for each page
  • Meta descriptions for each page
  • Multiple forms of media with SEO metadata

These SEO practices will improve your online visibility, resulting in better website traffic, more leads, and higher sales numbers.

How to Improve Your Web Design

So now that you know why good web design is important, let’s talk about how you can maximize your website’s user experience, visibility, and lead generation. If you’re not tech-savvy and don’t know how to implement these changes, we recommend working with a professional web design agency.

They can help you with SEO practices like content creation, backlink acquisition, keyword research, and more.

Looking to grow your brand online?

The best 4 tips to get it right

a graphic showing the text responsive web design

1. Ensure Your Website is Optimized for Mobile Devices

As noted above, creating a user-friendly website is paramount to your success

Studies show that 85% of Americans own smartphones. Visitors who find your website slow, disjointed, or difficult to navigate won’t stick around long enough to become leads.

Your website won’t load or look appropriately if your web design doesn’t include mobile optimization. The formatting will be off, slowing your website speed for mobile users. 

2. Publish Valuable Content Centered Around Your Target Audience

Creating valuable content is one of the most important pieces of web design advice I can give you. And for God’s sake, consider writing to a blog or doing videos; content is what gives your website to life.

In many cases, the content you publish on your blog or as a video is what will draw consumers to your website. The reason why websites lose page rank is due to stale content. Keep it fresh if you want to see visitors.

Valuable content is what your audience will find helpful and informative. It could include tips, advice, instructions, information, etc. Base your content on the wants and needs of your target audience to maximize engagement.

What types of articles can you publish that will enrich their lives? And how can you use your expertise and position to demonstrate your authority in the industry while building trust with your target audience?

3. Pay Attention to On-Page and Off-Page SEO

Earlier, we talked about the importance of a solid online presence. The higher you rank on Google, the more you generate website traffic.

Now, we’ll give you a quick breakdown of how to boost your SEO rankings.

But first, research to identify the most effective and trending keywords based on your niche and industry.

Then start by creating a blog and filling it with relevant articles (following our tips for creating valuable content). Doing this is the purpose of why good web design matters.

We also recommend:

  • Using internal and external links
  • Getting backlinks from credible websites
  • Registering your website with Google My Business
  • Using your social media content to link back to your website
  • Writing meta titles and meta descriptions for each page
  • Using pay-per-click campaigns to boost brand awareness

These simple web design tips will help you put your website on the map and in front of your target market.

4. Include Multiple Forms of Media to Increase Engagement

Don’t forget the importance of visualization in web design. Your website must be attractive and visually appealing, keeping the user engaged.

And use images, videos, infographics, and other visuals to break up text and keep things more stimulating. Adding these additional assets, including metadata, will improve your SEO rankings.

Be careful not to overstimulate the user with too much data that could bog down your website.

Do You Need Help with Your Web Design?

We hope you found this web design guide informative and helpful. As you can see, web design it is essential for the consumer experience, and it’s vital to your success as a business owner.

Look through the rest of our blog for more advice or digital marketing tips. And if you’re looking for hands-on assistance. Contact us today to learn how Slocum Studio can help you improve your website and generate more leads. 

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