Is Vine from Twitter the Next Big Thing?

It seems like there is a new social network or media platform released every week.

Few of them stick.

Is Twitter’s new social media platform, Vine, going to be enough to revitalize a company struggling to maintain its ground?

Will the Twitter Vine Grow?

New social app Vine released a couple weeks ago, and it is a new twist on an old favorite.

Vine from Twitter is best described as a video version of the popular Instagram. Instead of photos, people take videos that last a few seconds.

This is all done on a mobile platform and is not supported by computers or anything like that.

So, where does Vine fit in the grand scheme of your marketing efforts?

Just like Instagram, the use is much more light than that of a traditional social media network.  The nice thing about this app is more its connection to Twitter.  In this way, people with existing Twitter accounts can communicate with small video messages.

Using Twitter as the backbone, you can post small video gifs of new products or company logos.

Streaming over Cable

With the popularity of Netflix and Hulu continuing to grow, it is only a matter of time before most people leave media services like Comcast and Verizon.]

Traditional advertising means are switching over to the Internet world, and so should yours.

If you have something to advertise, it may be better to do so online.

The Digital Storefront

E-Commerce threatens to put an end to brick and mortar stores in many ways, but companies have to embrace the change that the Internet brings rather than run from it.

Use the Internet as means to enhance your physical presence.

If you are a restaurant, consider using the Internet to revolutionize the way people order from your menu or contact the business.

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