Week in WordPress Episode 7

It’s like Christmas in August!

So much great news this week surrounding what came of WordCamp San Francisco, The release of WordPress 3.6 and so much more within the community.

Our first special co-host this week is Eric Hamm of CobaltApps.com which I also had a chance to interview over on the Matt Report podcast. The second host that seems to need to introduction, Jeff Chander our acting WordPress correspondent from WPTavern.com 🙂

On to the show!

Week in WordPress episode 7: Be careful what you grab

Headlines of the week

WordPress 3.6 is out

  • New twenty thirteen theme
  • Revamped revisions
  • Post locking and augmented autosave
  • Built-in html5 media player
  • Improved Menu editor

Matt Mullenweg State of the Word

  • Great nearly live recap from Poststat.us

Matt Mullenweg participates in a Reddit AMA

  • Biggest challenge / high attrition rate of new users. Need to improve customization experience.
  • If backwards compatibility wasn’t an issue we would drop TinyMCE, simplify admin roles, replace widgets with page blocks and more.
  • On WordPress news, I think there’s space for real journalism and strong commentary.

WPEngine launches Torque

  • Acquired WPDaily “archives” (stir up the conspiracy)
  • New editor Michelle Oznowicz
  • Chose the name Torque because of inspiration as a resource to propel community.
  • Vision is a fierce sense of editorial independence

WooThemes makes a major upgrade to pricing

  • 100,000 paying customers
  • more than 80 products
  • We’re increasing the prices of all of our products (themes, plugins & WooCommerce extensions.)
  • We’ve implemented a consolidated licensing system (the one we’ve been using for plugins & WooCommerce until now), which now includes themes too.
  • We’re dropping our Unlimited pricing tiers in favour of a 25-site license tier.
  • Support and updates will be capped to one year after purchase (with the ability for you to extend this).
  • Standard Themes from $70 to $99 Sub from 125/20 to 199/29
  • Developer Themes from $150 to $179 Sub from 200/25 to 299/39
  • Extensions also go up
  • This is about money. There’s no way that we’d like to spin this in our favour. The truth is that these changes are designed to increase our profitability.

70% of people never heard of WordPress

  • 35-44 year olds were the group with the highest rate of recognition at 37.1%
  • 32.1% of males said they had heard of the platform while 28.1% of females said they had
  • 34.8% of urban populations, 26.6% of suburban populations, and 23.6% of rural populations had heard of WordPress

JJJ joining 10up…

  • WordPress firms lurring from Automattic

White House launches next.data.gov on WordPress

  • At Data.gov, you can search through and download more than 75,000 data sets – data on everything from what different hospitals charge for different procedures, to credit card complaints, to weather and climate measurements.
  • This project tapped into two very active open source projects: WordPress and CKAN.
  • The content and community sections of Next.Data.Gov are powered by WordPress. The data catalog is powered by CKAN.

Just the tips

Matt: https://wordpress.org/themes/minimize

Eric: https://wordpress.org/plugins/limit-login-attempts/

Scott: Don’t always trust code snippets/functions that you find online.

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