Week in WordPress episode 16

This is the one you have been waiting for.

WordPress 3.7, one of the better updates released in quite a while, is out for your pleasure!

Matt and Scott are joined by Chris Lema, Tom McFarlin, and Andrew Norcross, as they give their opinions on the new update.

This was an episode for the ages, and it is about time you watched or listened.

The Week in WordPress Headlines

WordPress 3.7 is released

  • Automatic Background Updates

  • Stronger Password Meter

  • Improved search
  • Better global support with language packs (separate from core)

  • Date queries

WP Engine WILL NOT SUPPORT auto updates

  • Automatic updates will be disabled and customers cannot turn them on

  • Playing it safe

  • Sarah mentions, it might be safe to assume that anyone who sets a flag in wp-config would know what they are doing- is it really safe to assume this, probably not

  • Jason Cosper of WPE says: currently feel that the checkpoints we create before and after upgrades to WordPress core offer a better experience to our customers at this time; not a final decision

WordPress in the enterprise

  • Why didn’t the White House use WordPress on healthcare.gov?

  • Many state sites run on WP

  • Is the “closed-door” approach the problem?

  • Lots of backlash in the comments (WP won’t scale, etc…)

ManageWP Launched

  • Community-powered WordPress news aggregation site (ultimate WP dashboard)

  • Wanted content to easily be reachable

  • Launch: 4000 visitors, 400 users, 50 stories submitted per day

  • Seems to be similar to Reddit (karma, voting, etc..)

Why Automattic acquired Simperium

  • Speed

  • Mobile publishing

  • Content available offline

  • Skips the XML-RPC calls and gets right to the point

  • Functions like Dropbox or iCloud but is platform independent and open source

  • Mullenweg: try to invest in technologies we think are intrinsically good, regardless of short-term business model. He feels that it will make the Internet a better place (as they roll this out)

Pricing WordPress plugins

  • Dont let the app store syndrome happen to the WP economy

  • Let’s keep making a living off of these plugins, instead of investing so much time to maintain and support a $2.99 piece of software

  • Compare the two ecosystems (impulse buying)

The business of WordPress business

  • Talks about acquiring vs creating

  • WPMods sold to WPHub for $80k

  • WPDaily for 1,000,000

Democratizing publishing

  • The history of democratization of publishing

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