Week in WordPress Episode 19: Scotts, “Sync”ing, and Sass

We’ve got guests on guests on guests in this episode of Week in WordPress!

Matt and Scott of our Slocum Studio are joined by

  1. Nathan Hangen, co-founder of Virtuous Giant
  2. Scott Bolinger, co-founder of AppPresser and Press Coders
  3. James Laws, co-founder of WP Ninjas (Ninja Forms)

Find out why Matt Mullenweg was spotted with Joomla! and why WordPress has adopted Sass, among other things.


Week in WordPress Highlights

Matt Mullenweg keynotes Joomla World Conference

  • Matt Mullenweg closed the Joomla World Conference with a keynote about the history of the CMS and specifically WordPress, his baby.
  • Traitor? No.
  • WordPress and Joomla are both open source projects and need to be friendly to survive
  • Inspired WordCamp Miami organizers to host Joomla developers

WordPress 3.8 is on schedule

  • WordPress 3.8 release date is December 12, 2013
  • On schedule, just like 3.7
  • Concurrent development (3.7 and 3.8) may have lead to this
  • Why do you think release dates suddenly matter with WordPress?

Themes, reviews, guidelines and community

  • It has become very easy to become a WordPress theme reviewer over the past couple of years
  • More quickly accepted themes, but is that a good thing?
  • Keep theme authorship in the footer
  • Theme regulations have been focused around blogging, while business application is still not there.
  • There should be a new process for reviewing themes on WordPress.org

Is WordPress always the right option?

  • Hosting is cheaper on an HTML website that does not need to support MySQL or PHP
  • HTML only for landing pages and static pages
  • WordPress for the content curator
  • Shouldn’t the discussion in the article really be WordPress vs Drupal vs Joomla vs Ghost?

iThemes launches “Sync”

  • “Sync” versus WordPress 3.7 (Sync gives you more manual control)
  • Free plugin
  • Updates WordPress, plugins, and themes
  • Dashboard allows you to edit each individual website as a manager
  • Manage updates manually for your clients if you are not an early adopter

ZippyKid rebrands as Pressable

  • ZippyKid (now Pressable) is managed WordPress hosting
  • Lowering barrier to entry
  • Requiring more from their enterprise clients (in house developers and audits)
  • Certainly more marketable to new clients
  • Impressive growth over the years, will that continue with new business plan?

WordPress adopts Sass CSS Preprocessor

  • Sass wins over LESS and others
  • Sass is GPL compatible out of the box
  • Variables for page widths, color schemes, etc.
  • But… Sass has always been slightly Ruby dependent
  • Do you like this inclusion?

WooCommerce gets it’s own developer blog

  • Announced last week, but missed on Week in WordPress 18
  • Inception (WooCommerce core within WordPress core?)
  • Blog is designed to look like Make WordPress and WordPress codex
  • A call to contribute to WooCommerce core

Just the tips

Scott – wpgear.org

James – Use inspect element on Chrome. It works really well.

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