Week in WordPress official episodes + iTunes

Ok it seems there’s a bit of confusion because we stareted Week in WordPress with episode 0.

Back then we were just dipping our toe’s in the water to gauge the temperature. Sure enough it was warm and we dove in.

So for here on out and including YouTube we’ll make sure the numbers sync.

Without further delay, here’s episode 11!

Week in WordPress episode 11


Headlines of the week:

Pressgram launches!

“I have also been reminded, quite succinctly and directly how dangerous it is to share a vision, a dream, a product to the world of the internet at large – it’s like you give them a free pass to tell you how ugly your baby is (and that’s the nicest way to say it actually!).”

  • 3,000+ users at 24 hours
  • iOS 7
  • Better filters
  • More Editing Options
  • Better Workflow
  • Full Images
  • I’m looking at integration points for a variety of different platforms and publishing systems.

New York Post is now on VIP

  • built a custom meme generator for the New York Post, using a simple API built on top of Golang or Go, a brand-new programming language developed by Google that’s an alternative to Ruby or Java.
  • The team integrated Elasticsearch to aid the search of the New York Post’s huge article database in seconds and return relevant results to the user, across any topic.
  • The user is now able to filter results via the faceted search in an efficient and intuitive manner to pinpoint an exact article.
  • But, according to comScore, nypost.com saw only 6.9 million unique visitors in July, compared to the more than 15 million registered by its rival, the New York Daily News. The New York Times, by way of comparison, reached over 28 million unique visitors in May, according to comScore.
  • We talked about the Media Explorer added to WP.com last week, I (Scott) think this is the type of site that can beneift from it.

Sarah Gooding moves to WPTavern

EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Gooding Moves To The WordPress Tavern

  • From WPMU
  • Interesting she says Matt Mullenweg invited her

Coming soon: Inline documentation

Coming Soon: Inline Documentation For All WordPress Hooks

Add Inline-Docs for Hooks

  • Inline documentation of hooks will make it much easier for developers to extend WordPress. Each hook gets a quick explanation and the @since version added as a comment.
  • PHPDoc is a cool piece of software, generate documentation right from your source code

It’s now easier to use your WordPress.com domain for e-mail
Create an email address with your custom domain using Email Forwarding

  • Use your WordPress.com domain for email!
  • It’s forwarding not hosting
  • Up to 5 rules for the domain

Speaking of e-mail: Post by E-mail

Post By Email Plugin: Version 1.0 is live!

  • Version 1.0 is officially in the WP plugin repo
  • Lets you create a post by sending a message to a specific e-mail address
  • Beta version
  • NYT Newsroom has interest in it

Matty Cohen has written a very nice post in Torque Mag about sustaining value in WordPress products. I especially like what he notes on debunking the myth that features are equivalent to value. And as he notes, harmony between two products can indeed provide tremendous value. For a quick presentation to complement Matt’s post, I’d recommend you watchMichael Fields talk about Extendable Extensions.

So Automattic pulled the plug on its Apache migration and bet the company on a then-unknown open source project called Nginx. Five years later, WordPress still runs on Nginx — pronounced “Engine X” — and so many others have followed suit.

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