WordPress 3.6 Beta review: It’s not all rainbows & unicorns

WordPress is set to release a slew of new features in 3.6.

Are they as great as we hope they will be?

In this episode of PressThis, Dan and I look at the upcoming changes and what we should expect to see in the upcoming version release. Excited to hear what you think abou the world’s most popular web publishing platform in the comments!

PressThis: WordPress 3.6 Beta review

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Major features we discuss: 

Hater’s gonna hate

Let me just jump right out in front of that speeding bus before this begins.

I love WordPress and that’s no surprise. I think WordPress is about to hit a major growth and maturity spurt.

  • Is it a blogging platform or web app framework?
  • Is it made for the masses or for the technically inclined?
  • Developers or designers?

Right now, as far as I know, it’s goal is to be the #1 web publishing platform in the world. According to this site, we’re a tick over 7 billion human beings. Do you know how difficult it is to design a website that 5 people have a hand in? Now picture building an app that powers 17% of the internet’s web properties.

Fun stuff.

So before the hater’s hate, here’s my opinion on the upcoming 3.6 version 😉

What I like

Good news first? Great.


I love the fact that the software is progressing in a great direction. There’s plenty of ways for folks to get involved with this process but I’ll save that for another post.

Menus Simplified

The simpler the better. The menu system has always been a bit clunky, but nice to see they are starting to clean that up. Of course if you’re running a simple blog there’s not much to worry about. If you have even 20+ pages that you’re constantly working on, this is a welcome improvement.

Autosave & improved revisions

Yahtzee! As I draft this post I’m worried I might drop WiFi and lose everything. (although the view is amazing and worth the risk.) Revisions moving to a cleaner more intuitive UI is also something I’ve been looking forward to. Thanks everyone!

What I don’t like

Tuck and roll. Go.

Twenty thirteen theme

It’s not the design. I repeat, it’s not the design that bothers me. It’s the theme of the design. It’s a blogger’s dream yes. Enter biased opinion: As someone who primarily works with startups, small business, and e-commerce shops if this is their first view of WordPress — it doesn’t scream “You run your business on this.”

So my “dislike” for it is purely in theory and not where I would like to see the perception of WordPress headed. Fire away.

Post formats

Meh. (I can feel the mob staring at me.)

I’m so-so on the concept. In all honesty it’s the WYSIWYG concept that’s really hurting the ease of use. Perhaps not for you and I but if you spend time training WordPress newbies, this is a biggie. Once we finally get over the hurdle of front end vs back end we tell them — “It’s just like using Microsoft Word.”

Nice try.

I know post format is an attempt to bridge this gap, but it seems that it’s just adding another layer for someone to grapple with. By no means do I think this is an easy problem to solve either. But what can we do with the editor? Think: Medium and Ghost.

Agree or disagree?

These are just high level features I’ve outlined. There’s a lot of other development advancements that go into a release. We’re just looking that the larger features/enhancements coming in the next month or so.

What do you think about the upcoming 3.6 release?

(Side note: I actually DID lose connectivity while writing this. I can’t wait for 3.6 🙂 )


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