Migrating your WordPress website? Check out WP Migrate DB Pro.

Let’s setup the scene:

You’re a developer or designer working on your local machine, building the next latest and greatest WordPress website. You’ve made all of the last minute client adjustments and you’re ready to take it live.

Now the pain begins.

PressThis: WP Migrate DB Review

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The old way meets it’s maker

The old way sucks.

FTP, SSH, PHPMyADmin,  MySQLadmin > blah.sql and so on. 

With the new WP Migrate DB Pro plugin you can streamline your WordPress migrations like you’ve never seen before. This plugin makes it dead simple to migrate your DB from one install to another — in a push, pull, or export to file process.

It’s one of those “must haves” in your toolbelt if you’re churning through WordPress installs on the daily.

So check out out video review and let us know what you think. Is this plugin for you or do you have another method you can share? Let us know!

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