Create an Online Course: Sensei by WooThemes

Have you ever wished it was easy to create an online course?

This can be for the purposes of college or other form of education.

It can also be for employers looking to show employees how to perform a certain task and need a form of certification.

Matt and Dan look turn their attention to the newest WordPress plugin from WooThemes, Sensei.

Sensei by WooThemes

As you can see from the video, Sensei is a great and unique plugin that may or may not work for your business, depending on the need.

As a way to allow students or employees to take quizzes, it is a very effective plugin that utilizes the WordPress core framework nicely.

Pricing for the Plugin

Typical of all WooThemes Plugins, Sensei comes in three pricing flavors

  • $79 for a single user
  • $129 for five users
  • $279 for unlimited users

Potential Problems for the Plugin

There are two major points of contention one may have with the plugin.

The first problem is that for people who are new to WordPress, there is the inherent issue that they will not know how to build a good online course for their students.

The workaround here is to hire or get someone to create all of the online courses who is more knowledgeable of the inner workings of WordPress.

The second potential issue is the fact that on the large scale, it may have been better for WooThemes to create a special interface within WordPress to allow better management of the large group of individuals taking in course work.

By default, WordPress is not exactly elegant at managing large databases.

Other plugins may need to be installed for that sort of management for now.


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